Welcome to Cabrera Custom Knives

Robert Cabrera, Custom Knife Maker - PhotoMy name is Robert Cabrera. I'm a custom knife maker specializing in knives made primarily for hunters but I've been expanding to kitchen knives as well.

As an avid hunter born and raised in the South Texas area, I began making knives a couple of years ago as a hobby. My hobby then grew into Cabrera Custom Knives as the demand for my handmade knives grew.

As most hunters know, nothing is more frustrating than cleaning your animal only to find that your knife is giving out on you before the job is done. I've been in that same situation many times.  I knew there had to be a better solution than carrying two to three extra knives and so my "hobby" was born.  Although there are plenty of custom knife makers out there, most are for collectors.  I wanted to make a knife for hunters. I started making knives that were very raw and found that those sold quickly.  This inspired me to make knives with a little more flare. As my knife making business has grown my ultimate goal has remained and will always remain the same which is to make a knife that will withstand the use and abuse of an avid hunter's everyday harvest.

I use the stock removal method for my knife blanks with D2 and O-1 as my primary steel of choice. D2 makes an excellent knife that holds an edge longer and resists corrosion more so than O-1. O-1 with its lower alloy content makes it is easier to sharpen but does not hold an edge as long as D2 with its higher alloy content.

Every knife I make comes with a leather or Kydex® sheath handmade by me.

Contact me today for more details and to order your one-of-a-kind, handmade knife.