Cabrera Custom Knives - My Customer Gallery

Please click on any image below to view a slideshow of larger images of these knives I've made for my customers. Contact me with ideas for YOUR perfect knife and check back for more inspiration as I post more images.

Custom Made Knife - Alton Johnson Custom Made Knives - Daniel Hinojosa

Custom Made Knife - Donna Reeves Custom Made Knives - Edward Salisbury

Custom Made Knife - Gary Turner Custom Made Knives - Kenneth Hamper

Custom Made Knife - Mark Trimble Custom Made Knives - St. Joseph's Catholic Church

Custom Made Knife - Travis Jarrett Custom Made Kitchen Knives - Travis and Maggie Jarrett

Custom Made Knife - Justin + Cassandra Aquilar Custom Made Knives - Jim Hackiewicz

Custom Made Knife - Rene Martinez Custom Made Knives - Brooke Sowder

Custom Made Knife - Johnny Gore Custom Made Knives - Kyle Larson

Custom Made Knife - Lance Malone Custom Made Knives - Randy Haddox

Custom Made Knife - Glen Lovedahl Custom Made Knives - Koleby Gallet

Custom Made Knife - Marty Mcfee Custom Made Knives - Mikel Tomlinson

Custom Made Knives - Ronnie Starke Custom Made Knife - JR Hernandez

Custom Made Knives - St. Joseph Catholic Church Custom Made Knife - Callie Hall

Custom Made Knives - Alex S Custom Made Knife - St. Joseph Church Raffle 2014

Custom Made Knife - Kevin McNamara Custom Made Knife - Marc Arthur

Custom Made Knives - Millers ustom Made Knife - Charlie Neal

Custom Made Knife - Fred Cabrera Custom Made Knife - Ariel Salinas

Custom Made Knife - John Rawlings Custom Made Knife - Amador Acosta

Custom Made Knife - Ken Stegall Custom Made Knife - Howard Yates

Custom Made Knife - St. Joseph's Church Custom Made Knife - Rolee Perez

Custom Made Knife - Rolee Perez Custom Made Knife - Koleby Gallet

Custom Made Knife Custom Made Knife

Custom Made Knife Custom Made Knife

Custom Made Knife Custom Made Knife

Custom Made Knife Custom Made Knife

Custom Made Knife Custom Made Knife

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