Cabrera Custom Knives - FAQs

Working My Craft

Photo: Custom knifemaking process 1

Photo: Custom knifemaking process 2

Photo: Custom knifemaking process 3


I currently don't have any of my custom, handmade knives on hand for sale but I will soon. Please be sure to bookmark this site and check back. You can also contact me to order a custom made Cabrera knife.


Q: How long does it take to make a knife?
A: Since making knives is a hobby for me and not my primary source of income the time varies from knife to knife. Most field knives take about 4-6 weeks to complete from the time I start to finish since again I don’t work on them every day. The more fancy the knife the more time it takes. [back to top]

Q: Do all of your knives come with a sheath?
A: Yes. Every knife that I make comes with its own sheath. I custom make every sheath and double stitch by hand using genuine high quality leather. [back to top]

Q: What steel is good for a hunting knife?
A: This question is debatable. It depends on a personal preference. Most stainless steel knives hold a very keen edge for a while but are hard to re sharpen in the field vs high carbon steel knives which are very easy to re sharpen in the field but don’t hold an edge as long as the stainless knives do. See my FAQ on steel selection below. [back to top]

Q: Do you engrave?
A: No. I don’t have the equipment to engrave any knives but laser engraving is an option if this works for the customer. [back to top]

Q: My husband is a hunter but I’m not sure what kind of knife to buy.
A: Most hunters appreciate a good all around knife that you can use for quartering and skinning. The “Brush Hawg” the “Scorpion” the “Hawg Dawg” or any of the “Brush Country Skinners” make great hunting knives. Again steel selection depends on the hunter. [back to top]

Q: I have a knife that needs a sheath. Can you make one for me?
A: No. I have stopped making sheaths for other people’s knives simply because this puts me behind on my current work load to make them. I like to get my orders out to the customer as soon as possible and since it’s a one man operation and I don’t work on knives full time I need to devote my knife making time to ensure that happens. [back to top]

Q: How do I pay for the knife I order and do I need a down payment?
A: No down payment is required on any of my knives unless there is some sort of engraving involved. Payment is rendered upon completion of the knife via check or money order. Once the check has cleared the bank the knife will be mailed thru USPS. [back to top]

Q: What kind of handles do you work with?
A: All kinds. I use different kinds of woods including exotic. I also use different types of horn, phenolics, mammoth tooth and ivory when it’s available. [back to top]

Q: If I sent you a drawing of a knife could you make it for me?
A: Yes. I will work with you to come up with a knife that best suits you and fits your hand. [back to top]


Steel Selection

440-C: A high carbon stainless steel that resists corrosion. Excellent wear and resistant qualities. Although edge retention is great it is very difficult to resharpen once the edge is lost. This is common with all stainless steels high in alloy.

D-2: A high carbon steel with superior abrasion resistance and toughness. Unlike 440-C with its high alloy content D-2 has approxamently 5-6% less alloy in it. This steel also has great edge retention qualities but is not as difficult to resharpen as 440-C.

A-2: A-2 is much like D-2 with the exception of it having 12-13% less alloy in it than 440-C. It's edge retention and wear resistance qualities rival D-2's

O-1: A high carbon steel with excellent abrasion and resistance qualities. It's higher manganese content make this knife an excellent high carbon steel knife. Edge retention and the ability to regain an edge once lost is excellent as well. [back to top]