Testimonials for Cabrera's Custom Knives

"I’ve put this knife to good use now. About 4-5 African animals, mostly smaller warthogs, impala, and a kudu. Oh and I helped (taught) another PH cape a Buffalo for a shoulder mount. Then this year in the USA I skinned several mule deer doe. Also skinned one small buck, and a large black bear without resharpening the blade, not even a touch up, this included caping the Black bear.

Over all there is no buyer’s remorse here! I love the elephant sheath as well, it’s just off the “cool” scale anyway you cut it!"  - Jim Hackiewicz huntingadventures.net


"One cold December day last year I had the opportunity to guide a man on his first whiJohnny's custom made knifetetail deer hunt. This man was larger than life and loved the Lord more than anything in the world. He killed an awesome 8 pt. on the Conejo ranch in South Texas. His first deer ever, Kyle Larsen and I cleaned the deer for him and caped it out to be mounted. He was so appreciative and kept thanking us. We got the privilege to spend the next week hunting and talking with this fine man. We found out later in the week that this man was dying of cancer. I just couldn't believe that this fine man was leaving us. On April the 8th Joel Mixon went to be with our Lord and savior and I will miss him very much. I can't wait to hunt with him when I see him again in heaven. I received this awesome handmade custom knife and sheath in the mail this afternoon with a letter stating that Joel had it made for me not a week from my birthday. Best present I've ever got. I’m not going to put it on a shelf to look at it. I’m going to skin every deer I kill with it and use it as I think Joel would want. I will think of him every time I use it. I’ve hunted and guided hunts all my life but I've got to say that was the best hunt I have ever been on. Thank you brother for the opportunity to meet you and hunt with you...can't wait till we hunt again!!!!This knife was done by Cabrera Custom Knives...I love it!!!"  - Johnny Gore, Arlington, Texas      


“I am quite satisfied with the two knives you made for me. You have a unique and quite creative way of producing a knife that may be put on display and draw the admiration of many and the next day be used as a tool that will handle the toughest challenges a hunter can put it thru. Your work is precision craftsmanship and art, all rolled into one. I have seen custom knives all over this country most at much higher prices. No other custom made knives have attracted my attention and admiration as much as your knives have. Most of your knives capture the essence of the Southwest and the ranching spirit that was so crucial in its development. Keep up the exemplary work. It is a credit to your talent and a credit to the South Texas tradition.” -Humberto R. Martinez, Fort Worth, Texas


"The knife came in today, and I am ecstatic. You truly are a master craftsman. The knife came out BETTER than my expectations. I love the file work on the spine. The spalted tamarind is just beautiful. I chose you to make my son's Christmas present because of your reputation of quality knives that would last. But I got more than that, you truly are an artist of knives also. The sheath is fantastic. My son loves his initials on things and the style of lettering you chose closed the deal. After Christmas I just might order me one for myself. Thanks again Robert for making the best Christmas present I’ve given my son. I will send you pics after Christmas of me presenting it to him." – Marty Mcfee, Skiatook, Oklahoma


"We're always trying to find a good knife and Cabrera knives have surely been surprising. We have gutted, skinned and quartered 2 hogs and 3 deer. Never in my life have I owned one like it with out sharpening the blade." - Ariel Salinas, Ranch Foreman, Tilden, Texas


"I purchased a hunting knife from Robert Cabrera over a year ago. It is a hunting knife of the highest quality and workmanship. The blade is well tempered and holds an edge for a very long time without sharpening. The hand tooled scabbard that accompanies the knife is beautifully made and fits the knife perfectly to insure it will not come out by accident from any position. I highly recommend any knife made by Mr. Cabrera. I have known Mr. Cabrera for over 20 years and his work has always reflected a degree of quality and pride that few can match. A knife made by him is one you will want to keep in the family and pass down for generations." - Mike Lykins, Emory, Texas